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I suffered from frequent headaches, probably a couple a month, they would start suddenly and ruin my plans that I had for the rest of the day.

I first went to see Sadeem for a free spinal screen just for peace of mind that something wasn't adrift in my spine.

The manipulation treatment was amazing, instant relief in most cases. I have been going back ever since whenever these types of headache re-occur. The treatment has helped in other areas, my hips were locked up causing me to compensate and curve my back which in turn gave me backaches!!

So whenever you get an ache or pain - don't bother with the GP go see a chiropractor - and Sadeem's the best.

Mr S Gregory

After suffering backaches for years I finally went to the Chingford Chiropractic Clinic and at last found someone who understood my back, unlike my GP. It wasn't about painkillers but about fixing the problem.

I have returned whenever I have had a problem and found consistent professional and friendly treatment which enables me to live a pain free life … fantastic!

Mrs L Gregory

I was involved in a serious car accident which left me with a twisted pelvis, I had treatment for over 4 years without success, however, since having just 6 treatments with Chingford Chiropractic it has solved my problem.

I also receive treatment for a repetitive shoulder injury caused during training and with regular visits to Chingford Chiropractic I can carry on with my training pain free.

My visists to Chingford Chiropractic are always a pleasure with their friendly and professional manner, I leave feeling relaxed and happy and really appreciate the sound medical advice given on how to minimise any possible future injuries.

My thanks to Sadeem and his team, I wish you every success for a prosperous future.

Ms S Kaye

I didn't know much about chiropractic when I first came, but hadn't had much success with my GP and the physiotherapy he referred me to didn't seem to be helping either. I had pain and tingling down my right arm and pain in my shoulder too, was unable to work, drive or even type. This had been going on for three months and I wondered if I'd ever get back to normal. I was recommended by a friend to the Chingford Chiropractic Clinic and felt very reassured after a thorough assessment, an explanation of what was causing the problem, practical holistic advice and treatment, which is quick, effective and does not cause pain. After a few treatments I was soon getting back to normal. I have also for a long time had problems with my lower back and this has been alleviated by chiropractic treatment too. Before I had treatment I read testimonials on websites, but didn't really believe them - you just have to go and try it yourself.

Ms S Tilbey